What does a body roll massage do?

Simply put, it is a lymphatic drainage massage that helps relieve muscle tension, eliminate unnecessary toxins from the body, aid in cellulite reduction, tone your body, and firm your skin.

How often do you need to do roll massage?

Body Roll Studio advises clients to begin roller massage with 10 regular sessions for best results. During this course it is best to repeat 45 minute roller massage procedure 2-3 times a week. If you want to keep your results for the future, you should continue with a 45 minute roll massage procedure once a week.

What are the benefits of a body roll lymphatic drainage massage?

The body roll massage procedure, especially after 10 or so workouts, has repeatedly proven itself and shown how different it can affect people. In addition to aiding in lymphatic drainage, losing inches of the body, removing unnecessary toxins from the body, reducing cellulite, and reducing post-workout muscle tension, body roll massages can be used in accordance with one's training and dietary habits. However, it has to be reiterated that the results are very individual, but if you follow the recommendations of Body Roll Studio instructors and consistently complete the course of the roll massage 10 times, the results will be evident. After successfully completing the course, it is very easy to maintain these results by continuing with regular procedures.

How long does a body roll massage take?

One session is 45 minutes long, during which the machines are set up with 15 special 3 minute positions focusing on different areas and muscle groups according to the principles of lymphatic drainage massages.

What do I wear during the body roll massage?

You must wear fitted gym wear and socks. No zippers or jewelry. For men we recommend long workout pants and T-shirt. For women, long leggings and tight T-shirt

Can two people have a body roll massage?

Many active people also use this time to spend fun time with a friend, colleague or family member. In order to get 2 side-by-side machines, we ask you to book 2 procedures at the same time ether in Rooms 1&2 or Rooms 4&5.

What is the importance of water consumption during the lymphatic drainage massage?

We recommend that you consume enough water before and after the procedure, as roll massage immediately activates the lymphatic system in our body, which causes fluid to flow through our body. In order to prevent the body from losing excess fluid, water should also be consumed during the roll massage procedure. Water is available to purchase in our studio

What do the positions look like?

Can I do a body roll lymphatic drainage massage while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Of course it feels good to have someone massage you, but roller massage is several times stronger and more effective than regular massages. Therefore, body rollers are definitely not recommended for pregnant women. Body roll massages are not recommended for breastfeeding mothers either, but it is not prohibited. It is believed that because roll massage causes toxins and residues to move out of the body, it can in some way affect breast milk. The final decision is up to you, but with anything this personal or critical, we highly recommend you consult with your doctor.