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Body Roll Massage: Lymphatic Drainage and Other AMAZING Benefits!

Updated: Jan 19

Lymphatic drainage massages have officially taken over the massage industry, but that’s only one of the ways to describe the type of curative treatment a body roll massage at Piret Aava’s Body Roll Studio provides.

Body roll massages have been on the rise for some time, and as the benefits become more researched, experienced, and shared, these trendy, do-it-all massages continue to reveal themselves as more than simply all-in-one restorative treatments; they present a healthy, therapeutic method to take care of your entire immune system.

The body’s lymphatic system is essentially the immune system’s circulatory system, which is why there’s such a strong correlation between lymphatic drainage and overall immune health. Taking care of your lymphs is a small way to care for your entire body, and, by extension, your long-term well-being.

Your lymphatic system is a vast network of winding vessels that runs like a river throughout your entire body, not dissimilar to your bloodstream. The primary duty of your lymph system is to absorb and filter excess fluids, cleaning it of impurities like waste and bacteria, and returning those fluids to your body to allow it to operate at its best. But there’s a catch. In terms of body mechanics, there’s a key differentiating factor between your lymphatic system and your blood system: your blood system relies on your heart to pump and move blood throughout your body. Your lymph system has . . . no heart.

That ever-present, ever-pumping engine that keeps your blood system so clean and mobile is exactly what the lymph system lacks, instead relying on muscle contractions to move fluids throughout your body. It’s a completely one-way circulatory system. Those fluids that your lymph vessels are absorbing and filtering, by the way, amount to roughly 3 liters of fluid every day. Every single day! If it wasn’t for them, your body would eventually swell with unfiltered fluid containing viruses and bacteria. Not a hot look.

Enter: the miraculous body roller. Body roll massages mimic the crucial muscle contractions that target and move built-up fluids, yielding immediate results. It’s why customers are repeatedly amazed at how revitalized and refreshed they feel after one 45-minute session. Piret’s cutting-edge programmable machines catalyze the fluid movement your body can’t create itself.

At its worst, a lack of lymphatic drainage can lead to serious and harmful conditions such as lymphedema. But even at its most mild, a lack of lymphatic circulation can create feelings of stiffness, soreness, and muscle fatigue. No matter which way you cut it, it’s important to aid your body in this critical process as often as you can. (and admittedly, yes, feel pretty fantastic doing so)

Body Roll Studio’s machines are completely customizable, able to target any or all parts of your body to move lymph fluid through your vessels and speed up lymph circulation. There are obvious, scientifically proven health benefits that a body roll massage provides, but beyond that, you know what? They also just feel f***in’ amazing.

There are a handful of recurring adjectives we tend to hear from customers, whether they’re repeat visitors or first-time tryers: “relaxed,” “lighter,” “energetic.” These deep-tissue lymphatic massages are deeply restorative, and many people go so far as to describe them as a “reset button.” If you come into Body Roll Studios feeling sore, sluggish, tight, or built-up, rest assured you’ll leave feeling revived, refreshed, looser, and stronger. Like a traditional hand massage, it’s not uncommon for people to feel a sense of mental relief as well; many claim a body roll massages reduces their “brain fog,” leaving them with clearer heads and stronger minds.

And at the end of the day, it all goes back to lymphatic drainage. Body roll massages are effectively waking up and invigorating the lymphatic system. These increases to your lymph circulation can be felt and appreciated immediately. No wonder it’s becoming such a popular trend.

The benefits, amazingly, don’t stop there. Lymphatic drainage, circulation, and detoxification are the main explanations for why body roll massages feel so physically and mentally therapeutic, but there is a vast array of other noticeable and common advantages as well.

Deep-muscle penetration provides fantastic post-workout muscle relief by reducing muscle tightness, and can also relieve sore muscles and joint pain. For those looking for more cosmetic changes, you’re in luck: body roll massages have been known to reduce fat tissue, reduce cellulite, firm skin, and shape your body in targeted areas. Some of our customers have even called body roll massages their remedy for chronic fatigue and notice huge improvements in the quality of their sleep.

The list goes on and on. Body roll massages serve an important physiological function for the human body, but the great results don’t stop there.

Why not see for yourself? The more people that visit, the more incredible success stories we hear about how body roll massage relaxed, rejuvenated, and detoxified their bodies, and how their experience has resulted in physical and mental improvements throughout their lives.

So come on in and hop aboard the trend. Schedule a 45-minute session at our studio in NYC or Miami and experience it for yourself.

When you do, make sure to let us know of all the fantastic ways it’s helped you.

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