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The #1 Post-Workout Massage of 2021: Body Roller Massage

Is there anything more restorative or rejuvenating than a post workout massage? Getting a deep tissue massage after an intense training or workout is incredibly relaxing and immediately reduces muscle soreness, but the physiological benefits don’t end there. Massages also help increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, remove toxins and aid in the natural removal of built-up waste.

Massage therapists are renowned for their kneading and lymphatic stimulation techniques that prevent muscle tightness and speed-up muscle recovery. The best news is: you don’t need a personal massage therapist to keep you operating at peak performance. Body Roll Studios exclusive body roller machines provide the same highly targeted, rejuvenating, and stimulating massages that aid your body’s healing process, remove built-up toxins, and catalyze blood and lymphatic circulation.

Body rolls are for everyone. Thanks to our exclusive body roll machines’ full workout customization, these next level rollers can be tailored to relaxing sessions with the ladies just as much as they can provide intense, deep-tissue stimulation after hardcore training to keep athletes performing their best.

The natural physical benefits that body roll massages provide are universal and help people relax and restore just as much as they stimulate and energize. There’s a reason why people keep coming back for a “miracle massage”: it’s a fast, 45-minute gateway to full physical recovery and mental relaxation after any intense workout or training session.

Inflammation is one of the root causes of muscle soreness, and many athletes' solution to this problem is to take an ice bath. While ice baths provide immediate relief, they’re also believed to slow muscle growth and repair. Body roll massages, on the hand, have no caveats, only a long list of curative and therapeutic benefits, including:

  • Increase blood and lymphatic circulation

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Muscle repair

  • Detoxification

  • Metabolic increase

  • Reduced muscle soreness and tightness

  • Muscle and joint relief

  • Deep tissue stimulation

Stretching, cooling down, and muscle repair are critical components of any serious workout regiment.

Forget the stigmas of massages being feminine or lame; it’s 2021! And no matter who you are, where you’re from, or how fit you are or aren’t, our bodies all respond to the same positive stimulation and rejuvenation. Body roll massages are relaxing, post-workout remedies for people of all ages, genders, identities, and backgrounds. No matter who you are, we promise: it’s going to feel amazing.

Post workout massages aren’t just about recovery either. Recent studies have shown that receiving 30-45 minute massages within 2 hours post-workout showed noticeable improvements in muscle strength. If you’re looking to build muscle or bulk as much as possible, post workout massages are an essential part of your workout routine and lifestyle.

Body roll massages can be a huge support to your overall mental and physical health, as well as a tremendous aid to your muscle strength and overall fitness. One 45-minute session is all you’ll need to feel their rejuvenating power.

Body Roll Studio’s fully customizable and exclusive body roll machines cannot be found anywhere else, and include additional features like deep-penetrating infrared, voice guidance, “Dynamic Roll,” collagen lamps, genuine wood build, and hazard protection to ensure you have the most amazing, personalized, and curative massage of your life.

Ready to take your workout routine to the next level? Book your next post workout massage with Body Roll Studios today!

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