Body Roll Machine

Welcome to the newest evolution of body definition. Now available for in-home personal use! 


Body Roll Studios’ next generation body roll machine provides intense and restorative massages that tone, release muscle tension, break down cellulite, reduce inflammation, remove toxins, and burn hundreds of calories per session are now available for purchase.


High-quality construction, deep-penetrating rollers, and industry-leading health technology like infrared lights and collagen lamps create an efficient, effective, and cutting-edge stationary workout. 

Whether you’re an athlete in need of a deep muscle relaxation and massage, a casual exerciser looking for a restorative fitness boost, or a person of any fitness level looking to tone and define, our comfortable, stimulating, top-shelf body rollers can help. 


No matter your need or fitness level, Body Roll Studios provides amazing results that you can see and feel.

Body Roll’s premier machines have unique advantages you can’t find anywhere else.

  • The largest suite of preprogrammed modes on the market, allowing for a more diverse, personalized user experience

  • Adjustable settings, like speed and color, to customize your workout.  

  • Voice-guided sessions ensure users obtain an optimal roll

  • Unique “Dynamic Roller” shape that provides better results faster

  • Deep-penetrating infrared that mobilizes and burns fat to assist weight loss and approve detoxification

  • More roller banisters for a deeper massage

  • Constructed out of authentic, high-quality wood, not plastic, to allow more comfort and durability.

  • Sleek, sexy, and contemporary design

  • Collagen lamp to assist with blood vessel widening and removal of toxins

  • Extensive safety measures with hazard detection

Enjoy a 45-min speed-controlled heated massage with astounding

benefits you can see and feel:

  • Blood and lymph circulation

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Metabolic increase

  • Reduce fat tissue

  • Detoxification

  • Reduces volume of targeted body areas

  • Shapes your body

  • Firms your skin

  • Reduces muscle tightness

  • Burns fat and calories

  • Reduces cellulite

  • Improved sleep

  • Relaxation

  • Relief from sore muscles and joint pain

  • Clearer, tighter skin

  • Remedy for chronic fatigue

Ready to order your own Body Roll Machine?

The benefits of regularly body rolling speak for themselves, and one of the most amazing aspects of our exclusive machines is that you don't have to come to the studio to use them . . . they're also available for purchase!

As much as we'd love to see you in the studio every day, if you're serious about body rolling and making it an ongoing part of a healthier, personal lifestyle, you can purchase one of our groundbreaking and life-changing body roll machines today. Whether it's for in-home use or business use, we have a vody roll machine with your name on it.

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