Body Roll Studio Has Been Making Headlines 


Body Roll Studio of New York and Miami has been completely upending the wellness industry with its next-generation roller technology and revolutionary lymphatic massages. This stationary and contactless workout provides a powerful and restorative lymphatic massage, as well as muscle tension relief, toxin removal, and cellulite reduction, and a suite of other incredible, and noticeable, benefits.


Body Roller Studio founder Piret Aava and her pristine, modernized roller studios have been making headlines over the last few years for the innovative way their disrupting the wellness industry. Whether it’s an athlete after an intense workout looking to reduce muscle tension or a casual passer-by curious about how one 45-minute can feel like a workout and a massage all at once, Piret’s state-of-the-art body rollers provide immediate effects for any and everyone that tries them.


There is a common theme throughout the stories featured below: someone curious or skeptic decides to take the leap and see what all the fuss is about. They step into the studio, not entirely sure of what to expect. They’re greeted by a friendly staff who escort them to a freshly-sanitized private room with a customizable body roller preprogrammed to target specific body areas of their choice. What follows is a deep-penetrating massage and stationary workout that leaves every customer feeling relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.


See for yourself what all the hype is about! And when you’re ready, schedule a 45-minute massage today so you can begin slimming, toning, and healing your body one miracle massage at a time.


 “It's like a heated, mega-size, vibrating foam roller,” said Mallory Creveling when she stepped into the New York studio. When her session ended, she felt “calmer and walked out with that ‘ahh’ feeling you get after a good massage -- a quieter mind and relaxed body.”


“A message and a workout in one 45-minute session -- all without breaking a sweat,” Melissa Malamut neatly put after her first roller session in New York. Like others, she came out of her first roller massage experience feeling restored. “It hurts so good.”


An essential overview of what exactly a body roll massage does and the universal benefits lymphatic drainage provides, as well as technologies unique to Piret’s machines, like collagen and infrared lamps embedded in the machine itself to improve skin elasticity.


 “Like a foam roller and a sauna in one,” says Kait Vadenais, a visitor to the recently-opened Miami location. “Truly everyone can benefit from a session at Body Roll Studio. It gets your blood moving similar to a workout and you will leave detoxed, relaxed, and happy.”


The NY Post visited Body Roll Studio again this past summer to highlight the studio’s unique Covid-friendliness. Thanks to the private, secluded setting of each rolling station and its contactless setup, you can rely on a hygienic, sanitized, and socially distanced massage.


A great overview of lymphatic drainage massages and all of their profound restorative benefits. Body Roll Studio is featured in the “Infrared Lymphatic MAssages” section to highlight how these amazing body rollers “are beneficial for everyone” and “something you’ll wish you had in your home.”


The local Miami news picked up on Body Roll Studio’s new location and featured a story about how uniquely Covid-friendly it is. Learn how you can get all of the amazing benefits of a personalized massage and stationary workout, all within a sanitized, healthy, and clean environment.