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Body Roll Studio machines combine the healing effects of slimming and lymphatic drainage massages. 


Lymphatic drainage massages help relieve muscle tension and lose inches from the body, eliminating unnecessary toxins and reducing cellulite.

Due to the effectiveness of body roller massages, subcutaneous adipose tissue begins to break down and cellulite is visibly reduced. In addition, body roller massages are very effective at reducing muscle tension. It is the only massage that can be individually controlled by the person. Many clients not only body roll after workouts, but often even replace their workout with a body roller massage because it has many of the same effects of a traditional workout, minus the sweat.


The body roll machines consist of rollers on a rotating drum that make a predetermined number of revolutions per minute. Collagen and infrared lamps in the machine improve the elasticity of your skin and help maintain a youthful appearance.

  • Lose weight and centimeters from your body

  • Reduces cellulite and muscle tension

  • Improves digestion and elasticity of muscles and skin

  • Removes toxins and residues from the body and helps stimulate lymphatic flow

  • After the roller massage procedure you will feel relaxed and happy.

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